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Boost your game with 50% better darts

More control over your throw and a higher strike precision. Darts with superior stability, grouping, and grip. Developed by aerospace engineers using rocket design principles and automated testing for proven performance. No second guessing. Simply rocket science.
Be a pioneer. While the Rocket Darts are under development, put yourself on the launch list to receive updates.
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Darts do not fly straight, but they should

Darts wobble when flying through the air and do not land exactly where you aim. This gets worse with variations in your release and blocking by other darts on the board.
Rocket Darts are engineered from scratch based on aerodynamic and rocket design principles. Improvements in stability, grouping, and grip give more control over your throw and a 50% better strike precision.
example of the flight path variations of standard darts and Rocket Darts

Improvements in every part of your throw

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The perfect grip. Every time

Rocket Darts have a revolutionary connection between barrel and flight. This new part helps you control your grip and precisely repeat your release.
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Enhanced precision

Rocket Darts are more stable in flight. This gives better control over your throw and leads to more predictable positions on the board.
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Closer grouping

Rocket Darts are designed from scratch to stay together on the board. No pushing away; these darts group together tightly for higher scoring.

What does it look like?

Developed and patented by aerospace engineers. More design details will be shared soon. Want to be the first to know what the future of darts looks like?
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Objectively the best

With countless options and features, it can be hard to find out which dart is best. Nobody shares what is truly important: precision on the board. We let the data do the talking.

Rocket Darts are tested using scientific principles. With a robot that throws similarly to a human, strike precision is measured for different releases. This has shown a 50% improvement over current darts.

Proven to be objectively the best, you will never need to doubt the performance of your Rocket Darts.
outline standard dart E
22 mm
outline standard dart E
outline standard dart B
20 mm
outline standard dart B
outline standard dart D
19 mm
outline standard dart D
outline standard dart C
18 mm
outline standard dart C
Rocket darts
outline Rocket Dart
12 mm
outline Rocket Dart
* Standard deviation of spread on the board for a fixed set of throw variations executed by our dart-throwing robot
Current darts
2 hits
dart strike positions standard darts
Rocket darts
4 hits
dart strike positions Rocket Darts

Build your own Rocket

Every player is unique. Rocket Darts combine a baseline design with customizable features. Tune your dart to boost your game.

The configurator is under construction. Put yourself on the launch list to be notified of its opening.
Barrel: Normal
Flight: Normal